melted vinyl

As I sit here at my computer, air con a-blazing, it is over 38 degrees outside and I cannot believe what I did today! I went into the city to shoot another roll on my Lomokino (unsuccessful efforts unfortunately) and then I walked very far to go to 78 Records to buy, well, records. I really wanted to get Arctic Monkeys – Suck it and See but they were sold out and on order and it costs more than buying it direct etc. so instead I decided to use a $50 voucher I had hanging around from Christmas to buy The Kills – Blood Pressures and Florence + The Machine – Ceremonials. I can’t wait to see Flo in May! As much as I enjoy vinyl it does not go well with cats. Here is why: my cat loves my room, my cat’s hair is everywhere in my room, as soon as I pulled the first record out, cat hair on it. Fun for me!

And I know people bang on about vinyl sounding better blah blah but if you could hear Florence’s voice right now, shivers!


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