nat takes a trip to sydney





While Nat might be afraid of birds flying at her she recently had no problems flying over to Sydney and came back with stories of her op-shopping pursuits, of which she has decided to share here, just for you! How lovely!








Choosing between Perth and Sydney is like picking a favourite child. It’s IMPOSSIBLE! Jennifer’s blog has shown that Perth can be cool and funky place. But the lifestyle of these two cities cannot be compared. My big brother, who lives in Sydney is always saying how much more relaxed he is when he comes to Perth, just because the pace of our city is so much slower to that of Sydney, which can be a positive and a negative. I can vouch for that, having only spent one week there recently.

One of the main things I loved about Sydney (and there are many things I love about that city) is the shopping. Unfortunately, I’ll have to limit myself to op-shopping related stuff in this entry and I think it’ll be long enough just on that anyways.

So, on the first Saturday I arrived it happened to be the 5th November. The first Saturday of every month Surry Hill markets, located on the corner of Crown Street and Collins Street, Surry Hills, is open for business. This place was brilliant! However, you do need some time to look for the quality stuff. Also, I found some of the stalls to be overpriced. My theory is, if you are buying second hand, you shouldn’t have to pay the same price as a new item. Thus, some stalls had clothing for $30+. Another con is that none of the stalls had change-rooms, hence, only the exhibitionist would strip down to try on clothing and I was NOT one of them. I ended up spending $30 on 5 pieces of clothing. Unfortunately, as I didn’t try anything on only one item didn’t fit. At the Surry Hills Market, they don’t only sell clothing and footwear, but located towards the Collins Street end they have books, tableware, jewellery, bags, vinyl records, furniture etc. I found everything in this part of the markets a lot more reasonably priced.

Next, I visited the Red Threads Red Cross Store, at 390 Oxford Street, Paddington, on Thursday 10th November with an old primary-school chum, who I hadn’t seen for aeons, called Di. I cannot express to you how amazing this place is! I’d say this shopping expedition with Di was definitely a highlight of my trip. A drawcard of this place is that some items in the shop have been donated by celebrities, but the prices are no where near as expensive as to what the original owners purchased them for. Take for example, there was a Steven Khalil black cocktail gown that was donated by Jackie O (the Australian presenter, not the former First-Lady) that fetched for $245. AMAZING! I tried it on, but unfortunately the darn thing wouldn’t button up, I wasn’t unhappy for long because I ended up trying on a heap of stuff and nabbed a Calvin Klein denim buttoned jacket, $35, and an Armani white blazer, $75. Di, picked up these Nude shoes for $60. Apparently these shoes have been a popular item in the store, but people were unable to fit into them. It was a Cinderella-esque moment for Di, when she put on these shoes. I refused to let her leave the shop without them.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the shopping in Sydney is BRILLIANT but can be a tad overwhelming for those passionate shoppers, like myself. I suggest that if you decided to go over there, pop into a Tourist Bureau/Visitor Centre and grab some ‘Urban Walkabout’ pamphlets to give you an idea of places to go in Sydney. I happened to come across one located at Argyle Street, The Rocks, whilst I was traipsing the area.

Happy shopping, my lovelies.



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