lomovember 2011

There were a few changes to Lomovember this year — last time we were sweltering in the heat, fighting to stand in front of a giant fan and all I remember is darkness whereas this year it was chilly outside and warm inside from the bodies and all those lamps which kept the walls well-lit. In addition to the exhibition there was also a little book printed up which is pretty cool seeing as I had a photo in there, yay for Pigeonhole and their improvements! After working 6 hours yesterday I made the silly yet stylish choice to put on my Manolos and head out to see some lomographs and friends.

After work I went to Hannah’s house and watched her put flowers in her hair whilst drinking wine and complaining about being sick, good times! Then after Sophia had various wardrobe malfunctions we went to Bivouac for a delicious dinner, I would recommend it to everyone if I could remember what it is called as I keep forgetting.

Mo’s aplenty at Lomovember.

People, lamps, lomo, fun!

Sophia, Hannah and me.

Very photogenic Rhys.

Johann and Hannah, who I now realise is in a lot of my photos…


Wearing my very black, cream & pearls outfit. Behind me is the photo that won people choice.

Cameron doing some kind of robot-esque dancing. We did a lot of dancing while boring people stood by being boring. Stop being so boring other people!

Anyway, here is my photo I had in the exhibition

Hopefully next year they will choose one of my colour photographs as last year I had a black and white shot too. You can still go and see the exhibition tomorrow and buy photos, like mine *hint hint*, and the best thing is that it all goes towards supporting Movember!


6 thoughts on “lomovember 2011

  1. This looks like so much fun! Love your shot and your outfit! You look gorgeous! Ah, the dress, the bag, the shoes… the necklace and scarf in your hair – it’s so goood!! Also, love your friend Hannah’s outfit! How stinking cool is she? The flowers in her hair are amazing. xx


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