warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates

So today I got a film developed, but not any old film, a really old film! This film has been in my camera since June, I know this for a fact because the first few shots were from when I visted the Vinnies in Claremont – having a blog is good for something! Here are the first slightly interesting shots:

Trying to capture the sunset.

Then last Friday I went to Boubar with Nat, a little café on Hampden Road near uni. We had much fun yelling the name of the café whilst inside the car, but not when we went to Kings Park as our run in’s with the magpies made us (i.e. Nat) look crazy enough. I wasn’t too fussed about the magpies coming nearby, all they wanted was food, but Nat was running around, good times! One of the magpies was a baby and it was making little squeeks, kind of like my cat so I was all like “awww” and Nat was more like “get away! die die die!”.

Nat with her delicious salmon roll, the magpie is plotting against her.

Our favourite spot, Roe Gardens.

Fast food!

The gang’s all here. Little baby/almost adult squeaky sad hungry magpie on the right, so cute!

Hey it’s me at an oblique angle.

Fighting magpies pleased Nat, she sure doesn’t hide her disdain!

And finally here is a shot of the peacocks, one has his tail open, and then the two others are sitting on the rail…if you can see them. They were making so much noise this morning, it sounded like 40 cats dying slowly. Fun times ahead as they don’t stop during exams!



2 thoughts on “warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates

  1. So amazing – love the stories behind each set of photos! I love the first shot. Really need to steal a film camera off someone in my family. I love the idea of having to wait to see the shots… as great as digital is there is something so nostalgic about film. Having to be more careful an selective about what you decide to capture, rather than just being shoot-crazy. Love it. xx


    1. You definitely should get a film camera, they are addictive though! I love film because I can hold the negatives in my hands and be proud that no-one else will be able to create it in the exact same way as I did. The only problem with film is that I do take a long time to use up a whole roll, I would love to have film photos for every post on my blog but sometimes digital is better because of it’s immediacy 🙂


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