Joy of Ex made me impulse buy

I have bought quite a fair bit online but I’ve always been very strategic and planned my purchases ahead of time. All that went out the window when I saw this tote bag by Joy of Ex, I just had to have it! I’ve never impulse bought online before so I experienced the strange and delightful rush that comes with it, then the doubt which was easily forgotten just by looking at what was being sent to me. I did, however, restrain myself a little bit and didn’t buy more but I will probably plan to in the future.

These are my two most favourite postcards which I would also like to own on a tote bag if it is ever possible:


One thought on “Joy of Ex made me impulse buy

  1. Hi,
    Thank you.
    We will get some new bags done over the next few months! Glad we amused you and will let you know about new stuff coming….we’ll put your pic on our show off page – so nice to see the sun!! Sally (Founder, The Joy of Ex Foundation.)


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