my Re-Style finds

The long days of Re-Style have ended and I am still battling to stop my left eyelid from twitching (I slept in, what more do you want?!). Other than that wonderful side effect I also managed to accumulate a decent amount of things from the caravan and the pop-up shops. Hannah did an amazing job filling the runway show with bright colours to go with the colour blocking trend we are riding this summer but I ended up buying white. A whole caravan full of amazing colours and all I got was white? Ridiculous, I know. Along with the white there are some colours such as exciting tan, cream and pastel pink….not exactly the brights I should have gone for. I think all my hard work has earned me a new pair of shoes so I’ll find something colourful for that.

Top and belt are from the caravan and the skirt is from the Two Bucks ‘Til Wednesday.

Thinking you’ve seen the blouse before? Well now it’s all mine, although I am struggling with the buttoning up the back deal as I tend to avoid difficult to do up clothes but it’s just too lovely. I’ve got a soft spot for a good tan leather belt and this one has a pretty cool silver and gold buckle (also a major player in deciding to get it or not). The skirt has 3 layers but is still very sheer so I must go out an buy a skirt slip as my dress slip isn’t as practical as I thought it would be.

Top and belt from caravan.

Another white blouse and another tan belt. The blouse only has 4 pearl buttons so it gapes a bit in between, must get Mum to sew on some press studs (as I am completely inept as sewing) and I might also replace the buttons as they are a little chewed looking. I like this belt too, it’s wider than the other one and has a full gold buckle so they are different enough to warrant having both!

Pretty pink scalloped collar from lonely as a cloud.

For only $25 this little collar is amazing. I could go to all the effort to make one myself but it would never be as well sewn and cute looking as this. The girls do so many adorable collars so you should definitely add one to your wardrobe.

Scarf from Two Bucks ‘Til Wednesday

Ahh pheasants. You cant really go wrong with a scarf like this. It’s huge so it can be turbanised over disgusting hair or knotted around my cold neck. If you’ve ever watched Animals of Farthing Wood you would know that the pheasants are the first to die (episode 4 and 5!) so being on this scarf is a much safer place.


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