Re-Style Day #5 – sale madness

As predicted today was crazy busy. We had the Two Bucks ‘Til Wednesday sale on and there was also Outskirts which brought a lot of people in the Cultural Centre. We had some issues with power to the caravan so we opened the sale and the caravan at 11am. We had people at the front deflecting early comers and some dedicated girls lined up to get in first for the sale. Then the madness began. At some points the caravan was probably over capacity as everyone didn’t want to wait for people to come out before getting in. I was just constantly writing receipts for the first hour and a half then it became a steady stream. Some foreign people thought it was a flea market and tried to barter the prices down or thought it wasn’t worth it but it’s all for charity so they can’t expect a decent pair of leather boots to be $10! We have more clothes to price and hang out tomorrow so there is still plenty of great stuff to get before we close up shop at the end of Tuesday.

Sophia and Hannah looking lovely as usual. They raised $3200 for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation yay!

Cailtin on crowd control duty.

Emma and Martina talking about serious stuff.

Me and Cailtin not having to wait long for the next customer to arrive.

The dangerous sun, poor Sophia got super burnt!

Intense sewing workshop happening there.

Tomorrow we will be joined by The Vintage Frock Shop and we will have even more clothes so there is no excuse not to come by!


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