Re-Style Day #4 – busy bees

Today we were joined by Awoke on a Whale Heart and Dapper Zorse in our little campsite. We had a really busy day, both with customers and with the show over at the GPO. Francesca, Chloe and I went over to watch the show and then help bring all the clothes and suitcases back so we could see the clothes in the caravan. It’s pretty much all the best stuff and there is so much of it left so you should think about getting in quick to snap it up. It was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed it as much as we could, there was even some sun baking going on around the fire.

A cutie took a seat while her dad browsed the campsite.

A happy customer, the dress was made for her!

Here I am wearing my new Valentino Couture Bow pumps that I won on eBay. They are half a size too small but a bit of wearing in will loosen them up. Ahhh they are so amazing.

We held our first sewing workshops, a great turnout as we didn’t really know how many people would come! There are two more tomorrow at 1 and 3pm run by Chloe from lonely as a cloud. If you want to learn how to take up a dress and other basic tailoring then come along!

The girls from Awoke on a Whale Heart and Dapper Zorse looking lovely.

These are the up-cycled clothes by WA designers that will be put up for auction on eBay and all the proceeds of those sales go to charity too! The dresses are so beautiful, you can see them being modelled in my photos in my runway post. You can bid for the outfits here.

Hannah looking cute on her bike with a basket full of shoes.

Possibly the best outfit ever created.

Tomorrow is Outskirts and the Two Bucks ‘Til Wednesday sale so it will be super big so come visit.



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