Re-Style Day #2 – campsite shuffle

Day two for the caravan brought no rain, a whole lot of clouds and a slow stream of people. We couldn’t believe how many more people we had when it rained so I’m secretly hoping for more rain so we can raise more money for all our wonderful charities. We were joined by lonely as a cloud and On A Whim who brought with them ducks, cake and pretty flowers.

A cute little dress from On A Whim, love the gloves in the belt!

Here’s Caitlin, our caravan assistant for today. I felt really bad because there wasn’t much to do so there were many impromptu dance sessions during my epic 7 hour playlist.

Beautiful collars by lonely as a cloud, I bought the pink scalloped one at the front, it’s so adorable. I’m planning and outfit around it for tomorrow.

Erin and Kate from On A Whim hanging out around the campfire.

Natalie and Chloe from lonely as a cloud sewing away the day.

We had to move the pop-up shop tents and the caravan today as they were on the tactile walkway so the blind people wouldn’t be able to follow it safely. We did try to put down some adhesive tactile walkway but we still we told to move it all, so annoying that they didn’t let us know when it was first set up. We shuffled everything quite efficiently and so now we can sleep well knowing the blind people can find their way around the campsite safely.

Here I am, behind my little desk waiting for all our lovely customers to arrive so I can tell them about why we are here!

And here is little Evelyn who came to visit me after finishing work at kikki.K where we work together infrequently. She’s the one who finally persuaded me to try on the cute little scalloped collar which I bought straight away. She’s very good at making sales, even when she’s not at work!

Tomorrow we will be joined by Pigeonhole vintage and it will be a lovely sunny day so come and sit by our faux fire and relax!


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