Re-Style Day #1 – torrential rain

Today we opened the Re-Style caravan for the first time, oh what a day! The caravan looks amazing and it was so fun to sit around the fairy light fire between the showers. The very well renovated caravan got a leak in the skylight so the boys worked tirelessly in the rain to fix it and a watering can saved the floor from becoming a puddle. It was hard to keep dry both inside and outside so most of us ended up quite wet, but I didn’t really feel it as I was just too happy. Anyway, some more pictures are needed here and then I may remember more of what happened.

Re-Style is supporting 7 charities, all of the money we make goes straight back to them so it’s a great way to feel good about spending your hard earned monies on great vintage clothes.

With decor like this what’s not to love? I really love this clock, I may have to bake a million goodies to get it though.

The leak…it has been fixed and will be super fixed before the rain we will probably get on Sunday, yay dry caravan!

I love love love the map on the back of the door, it’s so cool! I want maps on the back of all my doors now.

Marigolds marigolds everywhere, they got plenty of water today so I don’t have to worry about them dying.

Here is Simone, our lovely caravan helper. It was quite handy having a second pair of hands when writing receipts and bagging clothes as I couldn’t use the desk as it was very wet like everything else outside.

Today we were joined by We Heart Vintage, you can catch them at most vintage market events and they also have their own monthly market so if you missed them today you have many more chances to see what they have on offer.

How many people can you fit in the caravan…one customer had 3 small children with her and they filled it pretty easily. One of her girls came to the door and I asked how her day was at school was and she told me she made a parrot out of cardboard rolls and crepe paper but she didn’t have time to make wings for it. I hope she gets to finish it tomorrow, so cute!

Caravan girls, so much mustard.

It was touch and go with the rain all day. Hannah and I ran into the caravan at one point with 2 high school girls. One got really excited because Blue Blood by Foals was playing so they didn’t mind being inside the caravan to wait for the rain to stop with good music on. They were really sweet and I had a nice time talking to them about what we are doing so they might come back on another day to see the other pop-up shops.

Tomorrow we are being joined by Lonely As A Cloud and On A Whim, who both buy repurposed op-shop found fabric into their designs, I can’t wait to see what they have to offer. I’m also excited by the prospect of having a higher sun to rain ratio.


5 thoughts on “Re-Style Day #1 – torrential rain

  1. fingers crossed! and also fingers crossed no one be’s a jerk and steals form charity again. we’ll have to be vigilent! see you tomorrow 🙂


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