Re-Style at Perth Fashion Festival

photo by Caitlin Worthington

Last night I couldn’t get to sleep. It was partially due to the fact I had eaten so many sweet things during the day but also because I couldn’t contain my excitement for this week! I am managing the Re-Style pop-up shop, housed in a lovely caravan called Peachy which will be full of op-shop clothes that are looking for a home in a fashionable persons wardrobe. It will be in the Perth Cultural Centre from this Wednesday 21st until Tuesday 27th September as part of the Re-Style campsite. I’m not a big fan of camping but with a different vintage pop-up shop joining the caravan every day I’m sure I’ll quite enjoy it. You can also see some free fashion shows styled by the lovely, amazing, incredible Hannah and there are sewing workshops too so guide your eyes to the Perth Fashion Festival calendar and make sure you don’t miss out! I will be at the caravan all day every day (except for Friday morning) so come by and say hello, support some charities and enjoy the festival while it lasts.

p.s. the Two Bucks ‘Til Wednesday’s Spring Break sale is on Sunday so make sure you don’t sleep in and miss it!


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