through blue spanish eyes

Do you remember that Spanish camera I posted about? The one that Mum got for me in London? I had almost forgotten about it too. I always put a roll of film in a new camera to test it and then forget about it when I’m only a few frames from the end, uninspired to finish the roll. I made the executive decision today that I would finish the roll and take it to be processed, which only happened after the lady who develops my film forced it open with some sort of blunt implement because it’s almost impossible to do with dainty lady hands. I love the photos that came out, amazing blues may be caused in some part that this Kodak Portra 160VC film is almost 10 years old (12/2001). There is a curve in the photos on the left, in some pictures I cropped this out but it is actually on the negative so the lens must be misshapen, I think it adds character if anything.


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