amy’s bake sale

Looking over the pictures of today’s bake sale is making my mouth water, again. We all congregated in Bon Marche Arcade to support Amy and her trip to Africa with baked goods and well spent monies. I’ve never seen so many cupcakes in one place or cookies so huge! There were many smiles, happy tears and I assume sugar headaches afterwards.

With Pigeonhole matching the funds raised dollar for dollar Amy raised $1,670, nothing could take this smile off her face!

I had this delicious tomato tart because I had eaten too much chocolate last night whilst creating my mint slice so I had a craving for something savoury. Hannah created this visual masterpiece which includes my shoes, their position directed by her for extra effect. Mmmm so many tomato colours.

I also took my first shot with the PX 70 Colour Shade Push film I bought yesterday. After watching a helpful tutorial I managed to change the black and white film in my SX-70 and prepared myself for some wonderful colour. The picture has changed over time as expected and I’m very happy with the result. A wonderful day to say the least!


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