think pink

vintage Jacqmar scarf, Gorman jumper, vintage belt, Dotti skirt, Topshop shoes and socks

Once I saw this jumper in Gorman last week I was dying to have it. David said that pink isn’t my colour but after thinking of the jumper non-stop for many days I decided to sneak in and buy it anyway. It’s lovely angora but also means I am shedding everywhere at the moment! I’ll have to wash it and see if it stops leaving a trail of little hairs. I’ve been thinking of so many ways to wear it and finally got to do something with it today as I wasn’t working (I can’t wear it over my black work clothes!). I also wore a vintage Jacqmar scarf that Mum bought me in London to cover my hair as I could not be bothered getting up early enough to wash it. I’ll post more about the scarf as the history of Jacqmar is quite interesting.

I got home today and as I started thinking about writing this post something came back from the depths of my brain, think pink! I love Funny Face and pretty much all other movies with Audrey Hepburn to be honest. The Think Pink song is one of my favourites:

“forget that Dior says black and rust”
Maggie Prescott is the 1950’s equivalent of Anna Wintour. I love when she says “The Great American Woman who stands out there naked waiting for me to tell her what to wear” and “a magazine must be like a human being, if it comes into the home it must contribute”. I only like to buy magazines that will contribute to my home now, the September issue of Vogue helped me turn the kitchen tap on when my hands were full, so useful!

I’ve also been busy going through my wardrobe and picking out things that need to go to better homes than mine because I just haven’t been able to get around to wearing them. All these vintage goodies will be for sale at my Mums stall at the Antiques and Collectors Fair at Claremont Showgrounds, which is run alongside the Polka Dot Vintage Market. It’s runs Saturday and Sunday, 9.30am-4.30pm and I will be looking after the stall all day Sunday so come by and say hello!


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