one year of postcrossing

It has been a year to the day since I joined Postcrossing. I have sent 97 postcards and received 96, have 3 traveling at the moment and unfortunately I’ve sent 5 postcards that haven’t made it. I joined Postcrossing because I wanted to get more than a Harper’s Bazaar and random membership flyers in the mail, it feels so nice getting a card that someone has put effort into choosing and writing to you. I would recommend it to everyone, even if you don’t have much time. You can send as many or as few cards as you like (depending on your sending limit) so the amount of mail you receive is really up to you. Here are some of my favourite cards I have sent and received and some stats which you can see in full here.

The first postcard I ever received was this one from Ireland.

I have received the most cards from the USA, 17, and the second most from Germany, 14. All my received postcards travelled 1,277,155km, almost 32 laps around the world!
This is a vintage card I got from Rebecca in New Jersey. You can’t really see here but there’s little bits of glitter on parts of the card.

Here are two cards from Germany with my favourite dog, Westies!

Although many people ask for tourist cards I do try to send as many non-tourist cards as possible. I love sending the Bunny Suicides cards although many of them have been lost in the post which I put down to postal workers with no sense of humor.

I also love sending these Cutest Sneeze in the World cat postcards drawn by Jeffrey Brown, which you can buy off Amazon like I did.

It is hard to pick just a few favourites so here a whole heap of cards I’ve received. I also get lots of really cool stamps (nerd alert) but there isn’t an option to upload them onto Postcrossing so I shall send them an email to suggest it because they are sometimes really interesting, at least to me anyway.

I have sent cards to 27 countries and received from 26 so I have a long way to go to get a card from every country in the world (the goal of course!). Working there had its perks when the cards started piling up and I had to think of a solution to store them nicely! Well I’m going to request 6 more addresses today and send some out tomorrow, you should sign up and try it out too!


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