dangerous brooches

These brooches are from London I think…will have to consult the buyer a.k.a Mum. They are both beautiful in their own way but what they have in common is that they are lethal. If you worry about stabbing yourself with the pin of a brooch than you would be terrified of these. They look fairly harmless but looks can be deceiving.
 I wore it horizontally and got stabbed when I moved my arm across my body. David criticised me and told me that it should be worn vertically but it just doesn’t feel right that way.
Both the beak and the feathers in the tail are extremely hazardous, the things I’ll endure to put a bird on it.
Mum also purchased many other brooches which she will be selling at a stall at the Craft & Collectors fair on August 20th & 21st at Claremont Showgrounds. I will be selling a few vintage things at very reasonable prices in her stall and there will also be the Polka Dot Vintage Market on in the same area. Mark your diaries.


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