Le Petit Echo de la Mode – 16 Mars 1947

Mum is back from her travels to Europe sans moi, but she did bring me a very good present. She bought these French fashion magazines from a guy at the Portabello Road market in London, he couldn’t decide on a price but ended on 5 for £10. For £2 each I would say they are a steal. This is the oldest one from 1947, I have one from 1948 and the other 3 are from 1950. My French isn’t the best (back at uni today to learn) but the titles translates loosely to The Little Echo of Fashion. It’s missing a page and about to fall apart but I love it carefully. Advertising, articles and DIY instructions make up the magazine and I can’t wait to be able to read them from start to finish.

I really want to make the collars and turban. So in love with these little pieces of history, still can’t get over that it is 64 years old! Such tiny waists, and there’s more to come. I will post pages from the other 4 over the next week and also show you the many other things Mum bought for me  in London and Paris. Wishing I was there…..


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