Like both pairs of Manolos, David did what he born to do and  found me these two Red Valentino skirts on Neiman Marcus. They were $295 each originally but were on sale for 65% off so US$103 each. They don’t ship internationally from the website but they have a handy chat thing where I talked to some helpful people who took my order. It was $30 shipping and it only took 5 days with Fedex, my new favourite postal service. When I pulled them out of the box with David I immediately knew they were too big. David in all his high fashion wisdom had a Valentino size chart and assured me they were the right size and when they weren’t he blamed me for not remembering they are an Empire line. I still don’t know what an Empire line is!
Red Valentino Brocade Skirt
Red Valentino Short Ottoman-weave skirt
There was no point trying to return them for a smaller size, the Ottoman Weave skirt had sold out of smaller sizes and I’m too lazy to post things back so I searched Google for the best tailor in Perth and it told me G. R. Brown. I’ve never taken anything to a tailor before so I was hesitant, especially with my first Valentino! They did a good job though, the fit is good and the seams are well done. They took them in at the zip so the pockets sit a bit far to the back but it was the easiest way to do it without reconstructing the skirts completely. The Ottoman cost $30 to tailor as it has a lining and the Brocade $28 as it is without lining. Although significantly cheaper than originally and a great addition to my wardrobe I have put myself on an online spending ban, no matter what wonderful things David finds me I will not buy them until my savings are much fatter, we think in different ways.


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