european camera migration

Let me introduce you to my new European camera family! Mum is in France somewhere right now but she bought these in London and sent them back with lots of old lace and silver cutlery. I didn’t ask her to get them, and now I owe her money for them….not the most ideal situation for someone with many internet purchases on the go. Anyway, I’m very happy to add these three cameras to my ever growing collection. We have representatives from France, Spain and Germany, left to right respectively. Now usually finding info on my vintage cameras is easy as pie but these were not so kind.

Starting with the easiest to find any information on is the Agfa Silette I made in Germany. I managed to download a manual for it but I don’t really need it. It’s very simple to use and is rather versatile with shutter speed, focus and aperture. It takes 35mm film and my Diana F+ flash so I will run a test roll and hopefully add it to my regularly used cameras. It also came with a nifty leather case which I’m quite in love with.

Here is the ever elusive French Gevaphot. It takes 620 film, thanks Mum! 620 isn’t produced anymore but you can re-spool 120 film onto the thinner 620 spools. But you need two spools to do that. Luckily I have a Kodak Jiffy which takes 620 so now I have 2 spools huzzah! This means getting back in my wardrobe in the middle of the night when the full moon has gone…or I could get a changing bag. My most favourite thing about this camera is that the lens barrel twists in and out of the camera so it’s like an analogue compact camera, take that technology! See it compact below:

And finally there is the Capta II. Not to be confused with the Capita II, as I soon found out. This little Spanish number is made of Bakelite, like the Gevaphot, but it solid as anything! It takes 120 film and to open it you push and pull against the little tabs on the side like a purse. This proved difficult for me and I couldn’t bear the pain/broken nails so I gave up and put the camera in my lap. Then it slid off my lap onto the floor and opened right away, not my preferred method but it will have to do for now. I haven’t put a roll of film in it yet so it will remain open until I do. Then I may have to ask a strong man to open it when the roll it finished, better start lifting weights guy at camera shop!
So these all cost £20, £20 and £15, I’m not sure which cost which but to get 2 very rare cameras and one super usable one for £55 is pretty good. But not for my bank balance! Mum also bought £18 of film from the guy because he said the ISO was good for them, hopefully it includes some 620 film but I wont get that until she comes back at the end of the month.


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