strictly vintage

Today I went to Strictly Vintage at the Palms Community Centre in Subiaco. There was an array of vintage wares for sale, and they advertised that it would be purely vintage, no crap nonsense and I believe they did a good job keeping it vintage. As usual there was the usual stalls with the usual dresses for over $50 that you could find in an op-shop for $5 and alter but I did manage to find one lovely dress for a decent price and an adorable little deer brooch which I managed to get for an even more affordable price because it was missing a stone from its eye, sad little one-eyed deer. From the picture above you wouldn’t believe we are in the middle of winter would you? People just lounging around on the grass outside, hot in the sun but freezing in the shade.
It was $2 to get in which is ok, I don’t miss that $2 at all. There was plenty of range and people too. A little bit hard to move in some places but you’ll get that when a thousand people RSVP yes to the event.

I got this blue dress from Ginger Fox Vintage for $29. It needs a bit of an iron and I might have to take it in at the sides a bit but it’s lovely and light and will be a dream to wear in the summer. The belt is attached….thinking of taking it off to give way to more accessory choice. I’m a sucker for collars.

And here is my little deer brooch, hiding in the bush. it was marked as $35 but when I told the lovely ladies that it was missing an eye they gave it to me for $20. I was teetering at $35 so $20 was infinitely better. They say it’s Marcasite from the 1950’s which didn’t really help my choice to buy it because it’s just so cute. There was another one like it with two deer joined together but I had to contain myself and my wallet, I need to eat dinner tonight.
I would say something like “I hope there is another one soon” but I don’t have to as most of the sellers will be at the Polka Dot Vintage market in August, I might have a stall too as Mum wants to sell some things and I have many vintage pieces I never wear which need to go to more deserving homes.


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