top notch

I love Topshop more than life itself, sometimes. I only buy my shoes these days from them because the price you pay for shoes made of leather is usually about half compared to what we pay here in dodgy Australia, and the styles are always nicer. I got my latest delivery on the weekend and I am happier than ever with my new chunky heeled brogues which I got for £65 which I will be buying in white too. I also got 3 pairs of socks for £8 and a tote bag for £10 that has an illustration of London and it’s markets on it.

My sister disapproves of both the shoes and the lace trimmed socks but I didn’t hear her complaining when we were young:
Looking back we now see how terribly our Mum styled us but I do remember being completely obsessed with a pair of maroon velvet pants and wearing them all the time, oh how times have changed. She also dressed us in things I would now liken to curtains, but we all have to start from somewhere right? Long live the lace sock revival!
Shorts, leggings and lace socks?! Quelle horreur!


2 thoughts on “top notch

  1. oh dear, add some orange hair (yep) and that could be 5 yr old me, gotta love the floral leggings with lace socks plus the black boots, i definitely wore many combos of those outfits..thanks mum! haha


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