nothing is impossible

Last night I went to the Impossible Project Australia launch party at Pigeonhole. I don’t mean to brag (which means I totally do) but I’ve had a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar Autofocus since Christmas 2007. I had just gotten into Lomography in June of that year when I bought my Holga so I begged Mum to buy me this Polaroid camera off eBay for $99 (because I was 16 and couldn’t buy it myself) and it came with 2 packs of time zero film, lovely. Here’s my first ever shot, of a Christmas bear on our piano, so artistic.
 To my horror the following year Polaroid announced they were stopping production of the film and I felt like crawling into a hole and crying because I had only just fallen in love with instant film. To my joy, however, The Impossible Project bought one of the last remaining manufacturing plants and started a countdown for a year of developing a way to keep Polaroid film alive. I waited and waited and stowed any film I could because there was always the thought that they might not make it, oh how wrong I was to doubt them!
Last night we celebrated the fact that Pigeonhole are awesome and are stocking Australia with wonderful Impossible Project film. It was a night that combined 3 of my favourite things- Polaroid film, free wine and my friends from Pigeonhole. Sophia said that I should take pictures of people I don’t know and I’m sort of socially awkward in that respect so she took my camera and took pictures for me, here’s what she got-
Oh Sophia, you’ve inspired me to stop being an idiot and to be more confident with my photo taking. Also, that last photo is amazing, so much going on.
Moral of the story, we all love Sophia.
Oh and Impossible Project film.

Places you can buy the film:
Pigeonhole stores
Pigeonhole online shop
The Impossible Project online shop
Fat 4 in Melbourne
Via Alley in Sydney


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