the holy grail

Today I went to Vinnies in Claremont for the first time ever and I was sort of expecting a lot due to the quality of the inhabitants of the neighbourhood. And I was so relieved when I actually had one of those op-shopping days that usually don’t happen to me and I always envy other people who always have them! It’s not too big but they have a lot more range than most Vinnies stores which mostly have no stock and try to hide it by spacing everything out. I ended up with 5 pieces for $36 and here they are!

This shirt was $7 and is Country Road, huge on me but I plan to bleach the sleeves a la A Pair and a Spare. The skirt is almost my favourite find for the day, it was $10 and made it Italy, yay! It’s labelled a 36 and it is extraordinarily hard to fasten because I have 3mm of fat around my ribcage that I apparently need to lose to be comfortable in it. Instead of going on a ridiculous diet that wont end in me fitting into it any better I’m just going to (and when I say that I mean Mum is going to) move the eye part of the hook and eye about 1cm closer so it’s not so difficult.

I got this jacket for $10 and it has the biggest pockets in the world which made me think I could put something cute like puppies or kittens in them and walk around. Then I thought it would be the perfect Crazy Cat Lady jacket because you can easily store a cat or 2 for when you get the urge to throw them at someone. So this is me looking incredibly weird holding Bella, a very uncooperative catmodel.

I have been searching and searching for good cream cardigans and got this one for $5. It’s a tight fit but perfect for whenever it’s chilly (duh).

When I say Holy Grail I mean it. I have been looking on eBay for vintage oversized cream cable knit cardigans for too long, most of the ones I have seen and not bought were about $20-$30 but I always said no because I thought I would try to find my own first. This beauty cost me $4! $4! I can’t believe it, so warm and snuggly, so oversized but not giant, so perfect. Prepare to see me living in this for  winter

Vinnies Claremont is at 26 Ashton Ave, a short walk from the Loch Street train station. I left a few other coats and jackets behind that would be worthy of anyones wardrobe so pay them a visit, soon!


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