outerwear do’s and don’ts

Last night I had to babysit my brother, and when I say babysit I mean it was about 20 minutes from Dad and Sharon leaving to him going to bed, easy. After that difficult time I went to watch SBS because they pretty much have the only watchable shows on a Saturday night. I wasn’t actively looking for any fashion advice or inspiration but I managed to get it anyway.

First up – DON’T wear a red velvet blazer if you are going to be standing in front of a red velvet curtain, Brian Nankervis! Not a good look.
still from RocKwiz
Secondly- Charlotte Gainsbourg is pretty much my favourite French person in existence so it was no surprise that I got a bit of sartorial inspiration from her role as Emma in Prête-moi ta main (or “I do” if you are English and don’t call movies by their real names). I really really want her coat, so so much!

It seems impossible to get a good picture of it so I guess these shots from facebook, youtube and here will have to do


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