robot disderi 3

I’m pretty much in love with my new Robot Disderi 3. I got it for $11 off eBay with free shipping and it is cheap plastic but it gives so much joy! It takes 3 consecutive photos that result in a sort of wide angle shot with an open book underneath. Dani disapproves because she likes actionsamplers that go from side to side…pffffft I still love this. I’ve been shooting whatever I could over the past week to get a test roll done so I know what to do with it. Results below.

David flicking his hair and my horrible attempt at the Prada dance resulting in a fat face, nice.
This cat has the most beautiful blue eyes but ran away from me when I tried to be friendly. Had to stop being friendly so I could take a picture before it ran for good.
So many owls in this lane…too many?
This camera is now my favourite, so small and light I can and will take it everywhere from now on!
See all the shots I took at my Lomohome 


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