miss johnson’s vintage and handmade market

Tonight I went to the Miss Johnson’s Vintage and  Handmade market at the Guildford Town hall. I’m a sucker for architecture and I’ll definitely be going back to Guildford soon to take many pictures of the old shops and actually go inside them when they are open, yay for Guildford!

The market has a good mix of vintage and handmade, most of the vintage clothes are upstairs along with some homewares and downstairs there is a lot of little bits and pieces like jewellery and one amazing stall with an abundance of sweet vintage hats.

This is from that hat stall, she also has an amazing amount of really lovely vintage clothes, she put this one on the mannequin to replace a gorgeous black Victorian dress that, of course, sold. I think my Mum told me this ensemble is $180 or something so it is quite reasonably priced for what you are getting.

This is Mum’s stall, with people! She was surprised at how well she did tonight but there were quite a lot of people there so I wasn’t. Hopefully it’s just as busy tomorrow for her, not so much for customers as tonight it was difficult sometimes to get a good look at things. That’s the defining quality of a good market, unable to actually reach the merchandise. Mum also bought me this brownie for $2. It was delicious and huge so you should definitely visit the lovely old ladies selling cakes and tea.

I bought these two arm bands and scarf from one lady, she has a whole heap of lace, jewellery and bags. I got the scarf for $5 and the two bands for $2 so I am mighty pleased. Mum disapproved of me wearing one on each wrist but I think it was rather dashing. In their day they would have been used to hold rolled sleeves up but they are great little bangles which I now adore.

The market is open tomorrow from 9.30am-4pm at the Guildford Town Hall, a short walk from the Guildford train station.


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