becoming a real woman

Very recently I managed to buy a pair of Manolo Blahniks flat oxfords on eBay for US$99. Thanks to David who found them, he has sort of become my personal shopper, looking for designer things on eBay that I can actually afford. He’s off to Paris today (so very jealous) and he is going to Chanel for me to get some makeup and whatever money is leftover he will go forth and find trinkety trinkets for me. He said that now that I have a real pair of shoes that I have become a real woman. My Mum thinks this is hilarious but she doesn’t understand, she’s never worn quality shoes like this.


My Manolos

Just reading my Manolo Blahnik book whilst wearing my Manolo Blahniks, ahh heaven. I’ve been watching too much of The Rachel Zoe Project so my vintage fury jacket just had to come out of my closet.

And while I flicked through my book about the amazing man himself I discovered that he had a little Westie called Monty, and there is no hiding the fact that I love Westies so I love Manolo even more! Monty is so cute and the book says that he lived to be 2 weeks short of 20 years old and that Mr Blahnik snuck him in to see the ballet!

Manolo Blahnik with MontyMonty the modelNaaaw I want one so bad!


2 thoughts on “becoming a real woman

    1. I was looking at getting some ferragamo flats on ebay but I have no idea what width my feet are so I don’t trust them with all the 38AAA and whatnot. Currently watching some Manolo black pumps which are reasonably priced so if they are still available by the time I get paid next week it’s meant to be! Just a little addicted now…


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