Me and Mum

Tonight I took Mum to the ballet to see Cinderella for her birthday which was yesterday. She got her makeup done at Bella Hart in Subiaco because she had a voucher or something and I wore my newly received olive green batwing dress that I bought from a great store on eBay, Thrifted. I wish I had enough money to buy so many more things from their store, they have so many wonderful vintage clothes it’s hard to decide what to bid on. I got this dress for US$44 and it arrived in perfect condition and I couldn’t be happier. Although I can’t say the same about my hair today, so flat…

Olive green batwing dress from Thrifted

Here is me doing an awkward pose outside Prada. I would have taken the shot in front of His Majesty’s Theatre but they are renovating the façade since the dawn of time so it’s a bit ugly. Something that isn’t ugly is the decor inside, I especially love the classy ladies and debonaire gentlemen that mark the toilettes.

Classy lady


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