cheap and cheerful

Sorry for the  lack of updates over the past week or so. House sitting + Easter= no access to my wardrobe or op-shops. But here is a whole lot of eye candy from a recent trip to Good Sammy’s in Belmont. I went when it was 50% off all recycled clothing and with a large range to flick through I managed to find some great (and cheap) clothes.

Good Sammy's Belmont

The first thing, and I’m really in love with it, is this brown leather satchel. It holds about 12 Frankie magazines (which I used to fill it out) and also fits my Macbook, perfect! I haven’t used it yet for uni because I don’t really need to carry around many books but it will be great for winter so I will use all $5 of it to the extreme!

I also got a few skirts, all for $2 each. First is a white Cue skirt which has a little stain on it but that’s a given with secondhand white clothing really. Second is a grey A-line skirt which is perfect if I want to get a job as a secretary in the 50’s. And lastly there is a black pleated skirt, it’s a little too big as it sits on my hips when it would look better a bit high-waisted so my lovely mother who is highly skilled at sewing will be taking it in at the zip when she has the time (or when she’s sick of my nagging).

It says it’s a 12 but it really fits a modern-day 10

And last but not least I found this black leather belt with a wonderful gold buckle. It’s already quite well-worn but it only adds character (or so I keep telling myself). It was $3 and it is great for cinching in dresses at the waist. I also wear it to make my boring black work wear a little more interesting so it’s getting a good workout!

I will definitely be going back to this Good Sammy’s, it’s a huge store and you are bound to find something in there!

Good Sammy’s Belmont
8/199 Abernethy Road, Belmont, 6104
9479 1006


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