the little blue dress

Polka Dot Market April 2011This morning I got up at the unruly time of 7am so I could go to the craft fair with Mum. She has a stall at the Mother’s Day fair in April and the Christmas fair in November (in the craft section) and this was the second time they have had the Polka Dot Vintage Market. It has doubled in size since last time, up to 40 sellers, and has moved down next to the craft section. Mum has been having a fairly average fair, shaking her fist at the retail climate, but it didn’t seem that way in the vintage section. There were about half a million people there (my favourite exaggerated number) and it was hard to move in some places. The pricing, as always, is up for question. Nearly every dress I looked at was $50, one stall had every single dress at $50 regardless of size & quality. I think it’s just a little bit lazy, they aren’t really considering how much these things are actually worth which puts me off a bit.

Polka Dot Market April 2011Yet again there was a communal change room, I wore a slip as I learnt from the awkwardness from last time but others were not so fussed, I did see some breasts. I just wonder what the guys would do seeing as there was only one room, it might be something they need to improve on. There was so much to choose from, any kind of clothing or accessory you could ever imagine along with a few bikes and various knick-knackery .

Polka Dot Market April 2011I liked how it was shut off with a white picket fence, although it might have been better without to make vintage buyers stumble into the craft section and give them some much needed business. I did hear from Mum that other crafty people hate the market and think that it takes away business, I prefer to be optimistic and think that it is bringing the younger people to the fair who would never have even heard of it before. Other comments about the vintage market:

“It’s rubbish!”
One of Mum’s old customers

“We used to wear that.” “We are still wearing it!”
Some lovely old ladies I overheard

In the end I ended up buying one dress with matching belt and shrug.

Blue dress with white polka dots w/ shrug

Blue dress with white polka dots

The shrug and dress were priced separately, coming to $45 which I thought reasonable because it is in AMAZING condition and I love it. The colour, the polka dots, the pleats oh my! The matching shrug and belt are really cute but I probably wouldn’t wear them all together. A brown leather belt would look great with the dress and the stall holder said that wearing the shrug with a little black dress is a great match, apparently she had done so and received many compliments. It might be a bit too long for my liking but I have to stick with it because Mum refuses to hem pleats, if I get desperate I’ll take it to a tailor.
Matching shrug for the blue dress with white polka dots

Matching belt for blue dress with white polka dotsThe market is still on tomorrow, 9.30am – 4.30pm so got and brave the crowds and high prices if you dare. The next one will be in August so go get something nice to tide you over during the winter months.


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