creamy mustard for winter

I’d have to say that Save the Children in Scarborough is the friendliest op-shop I have been to so far. The ladies in there are so genuinely lovely I just wanted to take them home and let them bake me some scones. I found some good clothes there, I must have been having a creamy mustard day as that is the colour scheme I came away with. I can’t remember how much everything was, I did write it down but I am house sitting so, of course, I left my notebook at home. They were all reasonably priced anyway and I’ll update this when I get home.

Cream pencil skirt from Save the Children Scarborough

Sorry I didn’t iron this skirt, I was in a rush taking photos this morning to prepare for being away from my wardrobe for 2 weeks. The blog must go on!

Pringle of Scotland knit from Save the Children Scarborough

Pringle of Scotland is a British Royal Warrant holder so if it’s good enough for the Queen it’s good enough for me! I’m also in love with mustard so I can’t wait to wear this knit when it’s significantly colder.

Blazer from Save the Children Scarborough

I love love love this blazer! It’s perfect but unfortunately it is still not cold enough to wear, damn the never ending summer/late autumn. As soon as the temperature drops I plan to live in this.


Scarborough Save the Children
166 Scarborough Beach Road
Ph: (08) 9341 6282



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