diy photo bunting

I love photography, I shoot mostly film and have accrued an inordinate amount of photos. Because I’m very analogue focused I wanted a way to display my photos instead of just having them sitting on my computer and so I decided to make some photo bunting to decorate my room.

diy photo bunting - tools

You will need:

  • twine
  • single hole punch
  • photos

Choose a bunch of your favourite photos, print them out and from there it couldn’t be easier. Just punch a hole in each top corner and thread through some twine. Don’t worry about the spacing of the photos until you hang it up, you can arrange them to sit where you want then.

diy photo bunting - detail

diy photo bunting - complete

diy photo bunting - complete

Et voila! I decided to do one side black and white and the other side colour but you can do whatever you want! I used some small clear 3m hooks which are great if you change your mind about where you want to hang it up.


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