Subiaco Salvos Boutique

Salvos Boutique Subiaco
86A Rowland Street
Subiaco, WA 6008
9380 4149

Subiaco Salvos Boutique
Subiaco Salvos Boutique

Calling it the “boutique” raises some eyebrows, two, which belong to me. I have visited this store over the years before committing to this blog and have always been wary about how the boutique name raises prices as well as my eyebrows. For my latest visit I was pleasantly surprised by the stock levels & quality in comparison to price, probably because I actually bothered to have a proper look. If you are looking for clean, retro clothing and want something fast then this is one of the places to look.

What I found

Pink long sleeved blouse
Pink long sleeve blouse $14.99

Mint green blouse
Green long sleeve blouse $12.99
Red wool french skirt
Red wool skirt $9.99 100% laine - french!

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